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Genesis Creations Entertainment is proud to announce we are providing personal appearance/speaking engagement booking for well known celebrities.  Click on links below for details. We are now in the process of adding new talent.  Please contact us if you need any assistance.  We can locate just about any celebrity for your event.  

Note: We do not provide fan mail services for our clients. 

Celebrity Roster

Television Stars 

Jacob Young  - The Bold and the Beautiful/AMC/GH   - Rick Forrester/JR Chandler/Lucky Spencer 

Joseph Gannascoli  - The Sopranos - Vito Spatafore

Vincent Irizarry - All My Children  - Dr. David Hayward

Walt Willey  -  All My Children  - Jackson Montgomery

Felix Silla  - Addams Family  - Cousin Itt - Posthumous 

Lisa Loring  -  Addams Family  - Wednesday Addams

Erin Murphy  -  Bewitched  -Tabitha Stephens

Mike Lookinland  -  Brady Bunch  -  Bobby Brady

Susan Olsen  -  Brady Bunch  - Cindy Brady

Jay North  -  Dennis the Menace  - Dennis Mitchell

Jeannie Russell  -  Dennis the Menance  -  Margaret Wade

Larry Mathews  -  Dick Van Dyke  - Ritchie Petrie

Dwayne Hickman  -  The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis  - Dobie Gillis - Posthumous

Paul Petersen  -  Donna Reed Show  -  Jeff Stone

Kathy Garver  -  Family Affair  -  Cissy

Luke Halpin  -  Flipper  -  Sandy Ricks

Rad Daly  -  Fruit of the Loom Guys  -  Apple

Donny Most  -  Happy Days  -  Ralph Malph

Jon Provost  -  Lassie  -  Timmy

Ken Osmond  -  Leave it to Beaver  -  Eddie Haskell - Posthumous

Jerry Mathers  -  Leave it to Beaver -  Beaver Cleaver

Tony Dow  -  Leave it to Beaver – Wally Cleaver - Posthumous

Barry Livingston – My Three Sons  - Ernie Douglas

Stanley Livingston  -  My Three Sons  -  Chip Douglas

Tina Cole - My Three Sons - Katie Douglas

Dawn Lyn  -  My Three Sons  -  Dodie Harper Douglas

Butch Patrick  -  The Munsters  -  Eddie Munster


Paranormal Talent

Please feel free to contact us if you need any assistance.  We can locate just about anyone for your event.

Loyd Auerbach  -  Parapsychologist/Reseacher/Speaker/Production

Dr. Barry Taff  -  Best known for Entity case - Environmental Specialist/Speaker/Production/Voice Over

Ray Jorden  -  Television Host/Presenter, Writer, Paranormal Television Investigator, Radio Host, International Paranormal Investigator

Bonnie Vent  -  Medium/Researcher/Host/Production/Voice Over

Bishop James Long  -  Demonologist/Exorcist, Prociding Arch Bishop of United States Old Catholic Church, Radio Host.

Marla Brooks  -  Paranormal Author specializing in Hollywood area/Host of Stirring the Cauldron on Para X Radio Network and CBS Radio/Voice Over.  NEW...Tarot Reading by Marla Brooks.

Alexandra Holzer  -  Paranormal Author/Speaker/Production


Horror Conventions & Halloween Parties

Lisa Loring  -  Addams Family  - Wednesday Addams

Erin Murphy  -  Bewitched  -Tabitha Stephens

Butch Patrick  -  The Munsters  -  Eddie Munster



Rad Daly  -  Fruit of the Loom Guys  -  Apple

Vanessa Branch  -  Orbit Gum Girl, Pirates of the Caribbean  - Giselle


Voice Over Artists

Don Capone  -  Voice Over Artist/Actor/Host



Peter Noone   -  Herman's Hermits - Herman

Micky Dolenz -  The Monkees

Peter Noone current photo

Peter Noone 

Lead Singer of Herman's Hermits, Television Host and Actor.

Peter Noone Booking Form

Peter Noone Bio

Multiple Celebrity Booking Form

Peter Noone IMDB

Peter Noone Videos

Concert Dates

Why not schedule a personal appearance around Peter Noone's concert dates. 

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