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Celebrity Lunch or Dinner with the Leave it to Beaver cast

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Book your dinner party with Tony Dow or other celebrity now! 

Karl and Jill recently fullfilled a lifelong dream.  Karl contacted Genesis Creations Entertainment and said they wanted to meet and have dinner with Tony Dow. He wanted to know if we could make this happen.  Well of course! They received much more than they asked for.  They were invited by Tony and his wife Lauren to join them at their home before heading out for their fabulous dinner.  Tony even called 3 of their friends who are also fans.  Talk about bragging rights.  (See photos).  See Jill's comments below:

Dinner with Tony Dow - Karl, Tony, Jill

Dear Bonnie,

We had an UNBELIEVABLE time with Tony and Lauren!!!  They are both such warm, friendly, and cool people and I can’t tell you how much fun we had!!!

It was the experience of our lives since we are just “regular” people that are great fans of Tony (and now Lauren) and the Leave it Beaver Show.  We never thought we’d ever be able to meet them, much less be invited to their beautiful home.

We just loved them both!!!  What a great couple they are.  I actually wish they’d come see us one day.

Thanks so much for your help in making our dream come true.

Very warm regards,



Now booking lunch or dinner in Los Angeles with Broadway Star Jerry Mathers from Hairspray


Lunch with Jerry Mathers in New York


Celebrity Dinner with the Leave it to Beaver cast


  Recent picture of the Leave it to Beaver cast  

Shown above:  Ken Osmond   Scott (The Birthday Boy) Jerry Mathers    Frank Bank

Looking for that perfect gift for the person who has everything?  Why not give them lasting memories of a intimate lunch or dinner with the cast of Leave it to Beaver.  Join Jerry Mathers (Beaver Cleaver) Ken Osmond (Eddie Haskell) and Frank Bank (Lumpy Rutherford) for lunch or dinner in Los Angeles or fly them to your town.  Bring your friends and enjoy intimate dining, take your own pictures with the guys and have your collectibles personally signed.


Celebrity Dinner with the Leave it to Beaver cast


A special note from Scott. (pictured above)

Dear Bonnie:
Thank you for all your patience and sincere effort in arranging my 50th birthday lunch with Jerry Mathers, Ken Osmond and Frank Bank. You were such a good sport in asking the guys to agree to my idea for a small lunch versus the 100-person birthday party we previously had set up.
Jerry, Ken and Frank could not have been nicer or more friendly. They shared wonderful memories and insights into the show and life as a young TV actor in the late '50's. You never know what questions might be off limits with famous actors but all three were extremely gracious and made us feel like we were part of the Mayfield gang. Like many in their industry, Jerry, Ken and Frank have every right to be bitter about syndication royalties but instead they talked in depth about the rich lives they've had since being part of the show. They posed for several pictures and signed the great photos they brought, and yes, they played out their roles a bit for us too! This event has been the greatest conversation piece I have ever had! 
Of all the golf, Las Vegas or fishing trips I could have planned to commemorate my 50th birthday, none could have topped the once in a lifetime experience you arranged for me to meet for lunch with my long lost childhood friends Beaver, Eddie and Lumpy!  They said this was the first time they have done this type of intimate event but would agree to do more. If so, I highly recommend it to anyone who loves Leave it To Beaver.  
I can't thank you enough for promptly responding to each of my 31 e-mails with professionalism and class. It was great working with you and hopefully we'll do so again. Who knows, it was so much fun I may do lunch again with the guys for my 51st!
Thank you very much Bonnie,


Current Celebrity Booking List

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