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31 Oct 2013

31 Oct 2013


The Haunted House of Munster

The Macon Project house

If you're looking to get in on a nice piece haunted real estate, look no further than Bonnie Vent, who provides a matching service for interested buyers and sellers.

Currently, Vent is working with actor Butch Patrick, best known for playing Eddie Munster, whose grandmother's haunted Victorian Mansion in Macon, Ga. is currently for sale. Patrick would like to use this location for a paranormal reality show and is looking for a buyer that is interested in getting involved with the project.

The house was built in 1875 and was given as a wedding gift to Lizzie Wardell, the daughter of the second owner. Wardell married Harry Rubey, and the two remained in the house for several years until they left for Hollywood when Rubey became a financier in the motion picture industry. After some time, they returned to Macon and built a new home, but the original home, which passed through several owners and on to Patrick's grandmother, is said to be haunted by the ghost of Lizzie Wardell Rubey, floating around the four-bedroom, two-bath abode in a white blouse.

Patrick has felt (but never seen) "the lady of the house," though his sister and grandmother have spied her many a time.

"My sister's not a druggie or an alcoholic, and she's seen her several times," he said. "And my grandmother would never let us go in the basement. I've been pushed aside, seen things move—like a curtain."

Patrick says he could see the appeal in buying haunted real estate and argued that it might bring added incentive.

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