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30 Apr 2013


'All My Children': Vincent Irizarry brings evil Dr. David back to life

Every soap needs a sexy villain whom viewers love to hate, so it's no surprise that Vincent Irizarry's evil Dr. David is a part of the new "All My Children." The former ABC soap opera is relaunching Monday on The Online Network as well as Hulu and iTunes.

David Giesbrecht / TOLN

Debbi Morgan and Vincent Irizarry.

The Emmy-winning actor told TODAY that the show's revival was fast and furious. "I got a call from (executive producer) Ginger Smith in December, and she told me the show was coming back," Irizarry revealed. "They put everything together in two months! It's nothing short of a miracle, frankly. This couldn't be more surreal."

Viewers saw a more reformed David when "AMC" concluded its broadcast run over a year and a half ago. (Helping revive all those presumed dead characters earned him some goodwill.) But audiences will discover that the events of the finale -- when J.R. took aim at the good citizens of Pine Valley -- still play a big role in David's life five years later.

"That moment took on significant impact in David's life," Irizarry said. "We're going to see the effects of that (based on) what took place that night at Brooke and Adam's party. That event continues to propel David forward in the weeks, months and years ahead. He's going to be that character that viewers know and love to hate."

Can anyone touch David's often-cold and calculating heart? "There are definitely a few who bring out his better side," Irizarry noted. "Angie (Debbi Morgan) is one of those people. It's not romantic between them, but David and Angie grew closer during her ordeal of being blind. She challenges him to be a better person."

Another of Irizarry's co-stars may surprise you -- it's none other than Agnes Nixon, the show's creator (now consulting on its reboot). Nixon portrayed a hospital patient in "AMC" during its final days on ABC.

"Agnes is one of the great storytellers of our time," Irizarry praised. "I have enormous respect for her. She was magical in our scenes, so natural and beautiful on camera. She's a storyteller, not an actress, but you could see her talents in those scenes."

google.com, pub-0240078091788753, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0