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6 Jan 2016

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Peter Noone Says He’ll Ask Micky Dolenz All the Questions He’s Never Been Asked at Q&A Events This Week

Image Courtesy of The Syndicate
Image Courtesy of The Syndicate

This week, two ’60s pop legends — The Monkees’ Micky Dolenz and Herman’s Hermits singer Peter Noone — will come together for a series of three special Q&A events in the New York City area.  The shows, dubbed “Peter Noone in Conversation with Micky Dolenz,” are scheduled for this Thursday in Westbury, New York; Friday in Tarrytown, New York; and Saturday in Montclair, New Jersey.

While both singers likely will be sharing stories about their lives and careers during the events, Noone tells ABC Radio that the spotlight will mainly be on Dolenz.

“I’m gonna ask him all the questions that I don’t think he’s ever been asked,” the Herman’s Hermits star says.  “And then he’s allowed to ask me the same question, which will be very good fun, I think. So, obviously I won’t ask him a question that I wouldn’t be able to answer.”

Noone says he’s hoping to enlighten the people who attend the Q&A sessions about the many interesting things Dolenz has done in addition to his work with The Monkees.

“He’s been in Broadway shows. He’s been in London [productions]. He’s done hundreds and hundreds of different things,” Peter notes. “You know, he’s a craftsman. So, I’m getting interested and I want to know for me, and I think I speak for the people…It’s not about The Monkees. It’s about Micky Dolenz.”

Meanwhile, Dolenz tells ABC Radio that the concept behind the “In Conversation” events is for them to be similar to Bravo’s Inside the Actors Studio series, only focusing on musicians.

“I’m looking forward to it,” he maintains, “’cause usually when you do an interview, you very seldom have the opportunity to really get into in-depth stuff.”

Micky adds that he expects the Q&A events will be very entertaining for fans because he and Peter are longtime friends who have a great rapport with each other.

“When the two of us get together…we seem to have a lot of fun,” Dolenz points out. “We have [a] similar sense of humor…[W]e have a lot in common in terms of our mutual background and our history, and we also tend to really play well off each other.”

Meanwhile, Dolenz says fans shouldn’t expect any kind of formal musical performances during the events.

“If we stumble across a song or something that we remember, [we] might blurt out a couple of lines,” he explains. “But it’s not a performance in [that] sense.”

Dolenz also tells ABC Radio that audience members may get the chance to ask him some questions at the events, albeit indirectly.  He says he and Noone won’t field random questions, but they might ask attendees to write down questions that they’ll “filter and peruse.”

Micky notes, “Often I’ve done a lot of Q&As with audiences, and sometimes somebody comes up with a question I’ve never been asked before, and an interesting perspective on something.”

Here’s more information about the “Peter Noone in Conversation with Micky Dolenz” events:

1/7 — Westbury, NY, The Space at Westbury
1/8 — Tarrytown, NY, Tarrytown Music Hall
1/9 — Montclair, NJ, Memorial Auditorium

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