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Comments by Jerry Mathers
17 Oct 2006

New Easy-To-Learn Blood Glucose Meter Focuses On The Essentials Of Testing

LifeScan, Inc., a Johnson & Johnson company, has introduced the OneTouch® UltraMini™ Blood Glucose Monitoring System, designed for people with diabetes who may feel overwhelmed by the demands of managing their disease and are seeking simple, more affordable blood glucose testing.

The new blood glucose monitor offers just the basics of testing in a small, lightweight meter that is simple to use. To help people with diabetes understand that small changes can make big differences in their diabetes management, and that managing their disease does not have to be complicated, the meter also comes complete with Simple Start™ DIABETES+FOOD, a patient-friendly booklet that explains the basics of diabetes, carbohydrate management, portion control and more.

Despite the fact that two-thirds of Type 2 diabetes patients have blood sugar averages that are out of control, many individuals can feel overwhelmed and discouraged by the daily demands of diabetes management, which can lead to them giving up on testing their blood sugar. In fact, each year 25 percent of those who were new to testing the year before abandon blood sugar testing.1 This is of serious concern, as testing and controlling blood sugar is key to managing diabetes - helping patients reduce their risk for long-term complications such as blindness, kidney failure, heart disease and amputation.

While many blood glucose meters appropriately provide an array of features for individuals aiming for more intensive diabetes management, some diabetes patients simply want a meter that will give them a test result as quickly and easily as possible. These patients may feel stressed or overwhelmed by the complexity of diabetes disease management, and though they understand the importance of testing their blood glucose levels regularly, the number of features and options on some other meters can simply add to the burden they already feel. The new OneTouch® UltraMini™ System aims to help diabetes patients overcome some of these barriers.

"When I was first diagnosed with diabetes about 10 years ago, I would have definitely appreciated a meter that's as easy to use as the OneTouch® UltraMini™," stated Jerry Mathers, former star of the popular 1950s and 1960s TV show, Leave it to Beaver. "Some people are not electronics whizzes, and they prefer simple devices that do only one thing. They don't want a cell phone that takes photos, a camera that also shoots video or a blood sugar meter that has more functions than they need. The OneTouch® UltraMini™ System has just two buttons and an easy-to-read screen that tells you what your blood sugar test result is - plain and simple."

With a suggested retail price of $19.99, the OneTouch® UltraMini™ Blood Glucose Monitoring System may be the lowest cost choice for many patients. In addition, OneTouch® Ultra® Test Strips - which are used with the new meter - are covered at the lowest co-pay by more private health plans than any other test strip. Medicare Part B covers these test strips as well. They're also available at a significant discount to many uninsured patients under the Together Rx Access plan (http://www.TogetherRxAccess.com).

"People with diabetes need to test and control their blood sugar to help manage their disease, and the availability of tools that help patients feel less intimidated by testing is key," said Steven Edelman, M.D., clinical professor at University of California, San Diego, and founder of the non-profit organization, Taking Control of Your Diabetes. "A meter like the OneTouch® UltraMini™ System can help patients see that regular blood glucose testing can be uncomplicated and affordable, which will hopefully encourage them to become more proactive in their own diabetes care."

The OneTouch® UltraMini™ meter's requirement of just a speck of blood permits alternate site testing2 (i.e., on the forearm or the palm), as well as conventional fingertip testing.

The OneTouch® UltraMini™ Blood Glucose Monitoring System is now available at pharmacies nationwide. For more information about the new system, visit http://www.OneTouchUltraMini.com.

LifeScan, Inc., a Johnson & Johnson company, and a leading maker of blood glucose monitoring products, is dedicated to creating a world without limits for people with diabetes. For health care professional resources, and information on diabetes care and LifeScan products and services, visit http://www.LifeScan.com.

1 Test strip usage data from a major pharmacy benefits manager, August 2005.

2 Users should read the OneTouch® UltraMini™ Owner's Booklet and talk to their health care professional before beginning to test on the forearm or palm.

The OneTouch® UltraMini™

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