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Yes,  Stanley Livingston did play Chip Douglas on the hit television show "My Three Sons" but he is just as active in the business today.  
Stan is head of FIRST TEAM PRODUCTIONS, a Los Angeles based Production Company. The Company recently finished production on the Feature Film, "CHECKERS". Stan served as the movie's Producer.  
Stanley Livingston 
Specialities:  Veteran Actor, Director, Producer, Narration and voice-over, Host, Personal Appearances.  Favorite Speaker Topic:  How to break into show business as a child actor or adult the right way without the negative aspects and downright scams
 Stan just completed THE ACTOR'S JOURNEY PROJECT which includes a landmark pair of Documentaries about young adults, teen and children's involvement in the entertainment industry. Each Four-Part Series is five hours long contains interviews with over 100 Veteran Television and Motion Picture Stars, Directors, Producers, Casting Directors, Talent Agents, Talent Managers and more.

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