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Ever since I can remember, I knew there was something different about me that made me a loner at times. I can recall vividly playing alone, or with my cousin in the cellar of my grandfather's large house. To us it was like a wonderland full of possessions collected over the years where we were talking a man who had served in the Battle of the Somme.

To my cousin and myself the cellar was a place where we used to try and contact the spirit world. At such a young age I knew that death was not the final curtain and that we just moved on to somewhere where we could not be seen. I remember sitting in front of a mirror with a candle and calling out, did I really think it would work? Well the answer was yes at the time. We used to hear, feel and even see things come off the walls, which used to frighten but allure me. Sometimes if I was alone in my grandfather's house I would hear footsteps coming up the stairs from the cellar to the kitchen. I would rush over and open the door but no one was there.

I really did not think too much about this until years later after my grandmother's death. I was too young to go to the funeral but a few weeks later, I was in the garden with my cousin and some friends, I looked up at the kitchen and saw my grandmother looking at me with a serene smile on her face as if to say " I’m out of pain now ", as she was ill leading up to her death. I told my parents about this experience and it was my mother that believed in me, (she since has had a few experiences in my family home). This leads me on to the start of a journey that I am still walking, but not alone anymore.

Although quite new to Presenting Ray Jorden is building up his growing media Portfolio, for a complete list please go to the Media Page of this Website. In 2001 Ray appeared in the UK comedy film Nine Dead Gay Guys, a film by Lab Kymd for 9 Films playing a Russian solider and for Serendipity productions for ITV West sees Ray Co present 16 investigations with the rest of The Paranormal 5 team, with a sympathetic approach to paranormal investigating.

For Vision News Ray has Co Presented with other members of UK5 Paranormal for three Episodes of the Vision Paranormal series at three different haunted locations in a Wiltshire Town.

For Radio, Ray started off co presenting a few shows for Radio Gosh, back in the late 1990's.

Ray headlined a two hour live American Radio Show for APSR Paranormal Talk Radio and has also appeared on Beast Radio live from America with more live American shows to come. Ray has recently appeared in a live studio radio show in Monterrey Mexico. Appearing on Xhweb radio on the Contacto Mistico in 2, two hour shows as well as a live outside broadcast whole on investigation in Mexico. Ray was talking about the paranormal and his TV series The Paranormal 5, taking calls and questions from Brazil, America, Peru, and Mexico City. Ray was the first British person to appear on the radio show. Ray has recently joined to International Paranormal Radio Talk show on Para X Radio, powered by CBS, as a Co Host something he is enjoying very much Ray has appeared with many leading figures in the paranormal field, such as Dean 'Midas' Maynard, Mark Webb, Chris Fleming, Carol Stirling to name but a few.

Derek Acorha's Ghost Towns March 2006, were planning an Episode to be filmed in the town of Warminster, the production company used Ray as an advisory for locations for this future episode, which never went into production.

With his work within the Paranormal Ray has since 2005 appeared across the board, in Newspapers, Magazines, such as Paranormal Magazine and Salisbury Life, he has recently has a featured in Chat its Fate Magazine on 7th November 2008, with a feature article and is delighted to be joining Ghost Voices Magazine as a writer, conducting interviews with many known and unknown people who work within the paranormal, asking the questions you want to ask but dont !!!

Being part of UK5 Paranormal aka The Paranormal 5, Ray and the team were nominated in 13 separate categories at this years Spiritual Connextions Awards 2008 (dubbed paranormal oscars). Ray and the team are delighted to have the official backing and support of  Celebrity and Sports Psychic Dean 'Midas' Maynard, who has supported the likes of X Factor winner Leona Lewis, I'd do Anything Winner Jodie Prenger, Escala and Damon Scott of Britain’s got Talent in the past, the team went on to Win Best Informative Website. Although the TV series The Paranormal 5, didnt win an award, the TV series was named in the final four nominations in the Best Audio and Visual catergory , beating other such established programmes as ITV’s Haunted Homes and Ghost Hunters, a true achievement for a regional TV series.

Recently Ray presented at this years 2008 Vodafone M3 Christmas Roadshow in Winchester.

At present Ray is working with many influential people within the paranormal field, on various new projects and events in the pipeline such as, Celebrity and Sports Psychic Dean ‘Midas’ Maynard to name but a few.

In  2009, Ray will be under taking many new an exciting projects, more news will be posted very soon.


google.com, pub-0240078091788753, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0