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Lisa Loring Bio

LISA LORING may have been destined to make her indelible mark on American pop culture.  She was born on the famous Pacific WWII battleground Kwajalein, a South Pacific Marshall Island atoll, and had her cradle rocked more than once by the blast concussions of nuclear testing.  This auspicious beginning produced a remarkably precocious little girl, who made her presence known both in commercials and modeling by the age of three.  Television soon came calling.  She co-starred with Richard Chamberlain in an episode of “Dr. Kildaire”, and her self-possession and poise were such that 6 months later she won the role that added her to the pantheon of television icons:  Wednesday Addams of the classic “Addams Family” television comedy.  The sitcom’s original run was from 1964-1966, and after the series ended Lisa continued to work in commercials and episodic television, finally “retiring” at the lofty age of eleven.


By the mid-70’s, the “The Addams Family”, by virtue of a nearly constant presence in television re-runs, had been introduced to and embraced by an entirely new generation.  Wednesday Addams would forever be the immaculate little girl with morbid predilections and momentous intelligence.  Lisa Loring, at 17, decided the time was right for re-invention.  She returned to acting, and was soon seen in guest-starring roles in such stalwarts as “Barnaby Jones” and “Fantasy Island”.  The former child star whose character name & personality were derived from the nursery rhyme line declaring “Wednesday’s Child Is Full Of Woe” made a stunning leap.  She became Cricket Montgomery, the vivacious vixen both adored and reviled by fans of the CBS soap “As the World Turns”.  As a daytime diva, Lisa kept fans glued to their televisions between 1980 and 1985, and at night exchanged the set for the stage, honing her acting skills in plays for off-Broadway audiences.


Independent film was her next venue of creative expression.  Lisa returned to Los Angeles and explored her childhood alter-ego’s stygian interests, performing leading roles in such dark, edgy films as Blood Frenzy, Iced, and Savage Harbor.   The millennium sparked yet another transformation for this mercurial woman.  Lisa now happily resides in the San Fernando Valley with her new husband Graham, cat Layla, and Chihuahuas Lucy and Lily.  She is renowned among her wide circle of friends for her gracious hospitality, flourishing garden, lovely home, and astonishing prowess in the kitchen.