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Jerry Mathers Bio

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Jerry Mathers


“You know, working isn’t as much fun as I thought it would be. 

I wonder why older people do it so much?




This is an example of the endearing words said by Jerry “The Beaver” Mathers, who remains an American institution.


Born on June 2, 1948 in Sioux City Iowa, Jerry's show business career began at age two when he was cast on the “Ed Wynn Television Show.”  In 1954, he co-starred with Linda Darnell in “This Is My Love.”  He caught the attention of Alfred Hitchcock who signed him for the 1955 film,  “The Trouble With Harry,” starring Shirley McLaine in her first film role and John Forsythe. The budding young actor next appeared in two Bob Hope movies, “The Seven Little Foys” and “That Certain Feeling. ”Two movies with Alan Ladd followed: “Deep Six” and “Men of the Fighting Lady.”


It was in 1957 however, with the debut of the series “Leave It To Beaver” that Jerry entered the hearts and homes of America.  An immediate success, the show soared to the top of the ratings, gained national attention and ran for six seasons, totaling 234 episodes. Currently shown on TV Land and in countries throughout the world, “Leave It To Beaver” has made Jerry an icon of generations.


Named as one of the most well known individuals in television history by People Magazine in 1989, Americans and people throughout the world are familiar with Jerry Mathers.  He has a very high "Q" rating for name and face recognition in the United States


Jerry is an often requested speaker at national conventions, colleges and trade shows speaking about the emotional state of the American family as compared to the mythical Cleavers of the 1950's and the entertainment industry in general, with an emphasis on early television and the impact of media on popular culture. 


In the early 90’s Jerry was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes.  He took preventative action, lost 45 pounds and is currently one of the leading lecturers on living and dealing with Diabetes.  Jerry has partnered with diverse organizations to bring awareness of this epidemic among children and adults, which our country is facing.  He has been invited to share his experience with diabetes on Larry King Live and has spoken before Congress and the media to alert individuals about the importance of early diagnosis, diet and exercise, and proper treatment of diabetes.  Jerry currently volunteers for numerous fund-raising activities and events for Diabetes organizations as well as other charities.


Jerry’s television credits include “Ozzie and Harriet”, “Lassie”, “My Three Sons”, “Family Affair”, “Batman”, and “The Love Boat”.  He has also had recurring spots on “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno.  Additional credits include “Saturday Night Live”, “Diagnosis Murder”, “The Prodigy”, Academy Awards (presenter), “Vengeance Unlimited”, “Alan Thicke Show”, “Vicki” (Vicki Lawrence Show), “Studs”, “Scattergories”, “Married with Children”, “Parker Lewis Can’t Lose”, “Super Bloopers and Practical Jokes”, “My Talk Show”, “Flying High”, “Fourth Network”, and “Hardcastle and McCormick”.  His latest film credits include “Down the Drain”, “Back to the Beach” with Annette Funicello, Frankie Avalon and Pee Wee Herman and the Sundance Film Festival judges award winner, “Better Luck Tomorrow”. 


Jerry continues to do commercial work for national and regional spots and when his schedule permits, guests on radio stations around the country.  His television movie, “Still the Beaver”, was one of the top ten movies of the week for 1982 which led to the development of a new series entitled “The New Leave It To Beaver.”  Jerry successfully completed filming 108 episodes, which were syndicated and aired in all major markets.  As well as starring in the series, Jerry also directed episodes.


Recent projects:



  • Larry the Cable Guy – Health Inspector (2006)
  • Will to Power (2006) Mr. Simpson
  • Angels with Angles (2005) Mr. Cohiba



  • “Getting Around – Alternatives for Seniors who no Longer Drive” – PBS and AAA Foundation, Host, 2006
  • The 3rd Annual TV Land Awards (2005) John (“Desperate Classic Housewives” skit).
  • Illeanarama – Pilot, Oxygen network, 2005



  • Golden Glow Award – Center for Healthy Aging - 2006
  • DVD Awards – Television Legend Award – 2005
  • TV DVD Awards – Pop Cultural Icon Award - 2005




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