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Dwayne Hickman Bio

Dwayne Hickman, known to million of fans as the star of the classic television series, “The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis”, became the hero and spokesman to the Baby Boomer Generation. A show business veteran of more than sixty years, this television icon made his film debut at the age of six as an extra in the film classic, “The Grapes of Wrath” and grew up working with many stars of Hollywood’s “ Golden Era”. As a teen Hickman starred in his first television series, “The Bob Cummings Show”, where he honed his comedic skills under the watchful eyes of comedy greats George Burns and Jack Benny. Five years later he would land the starring role in his own series, “Dobie Gillis”.

During the years after “Dobie” Dwayne Hickman resumed his film career, starring in several “Beach Party” movies that have become cult classics. His favorite film experience was the Academy Award winning comedy western, “Cat Ballou” which has been re-released on DVD featuring Hickman’s commentary. After a brief stint working for Howard Hughes in Las Vegas, Dwayne Hickman joined the corporate ranks as a network executive with CBS Television for ten years, went on to direct half hour comedies and continues to act in films and television. A critically acclaimed artist, Dwayne Hickman’s original oil paintings and limited edition prints, are represented in galleries across the country. A popular celebrity speaker, master of ceremonies and greeter at corporate events Dwayne Hickman remains a Boomer favorite.  Star, producer, director, executive and artist…no wonder his autobiography was titled, “ Forever Dobie…The Many Lives of Dwayne Hickman”.